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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pizza and a movie

Jessica, Julie, Daniel, Hannah, Michael, Spenser, Jackie & Alex

Daniel, Julie, Michael, Spenser, Jackie, Jessica, Hannah & Alex

Julie teasing Jackie

Julie invited some friends over for some pizza and a movie. It
was a good group of friends, and they seemed to enjoy
themselves. Enjoy the pictures.

Mels birthday dinner

Mel's birthday came and went. He was gone to San Francisco
for the whole day. BUMMER. But the next day we made
sure we went out and celebrated. Julie wasn't home, Tyler
was taking Anna out for her birthday, so it came down to
Just Mel and I. I didn't mind. It was nice to have time
with just my birthday boy. We went to Lucille's barbecue
which is one of our favorites. Mel had the rack of ribs,
and I had tri-tip. Yum. He even got a little ice cream

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Night and birthday party

Julie and Marissa are off to a double birthday bash, and then
to see New Moon. Oh, to be a teen again. = )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying to balance married life, children, married children and parents

At the BYU/San Diego State game in San Diego. We were
invited up to enjoy some box seats. We even had our own
Goofing off with Sterling and Stella
At Hudsons
I am always amazed at how much Stella mothers her
Eating at Hudsons
Stella really enjoyed the music
Stella in her flapper costume carrying her doll
At the South Carolina state fair. Stella on a tractor
Stella getting her picture taken in a banana costume
At the South Carolina fair with Karen too

Julie and Cambria at homecoming game

Alexia, Julie and Cambria
Sam and Grace on Halloween night

Our view in Santa Barbara

I'm not sure how good I am at balance. I try though. Sometimes I feel
torn. I want to see my married kids (Thanks Ty for living close and
making that part easier for me), grandkids, parents, and I want to be
here for my last child at home, and of hubby. So this is
how I've done it the last month or so. On October 20th, I flew out
to South Carolina to see my daughter Melissa and her adorable and
wonderful family. I get an added bonus when I go there, because
I get to see the Rozmus family also. I spent 8 days with them, and
then flew home in time to see Julie cheer at one of her last football
games. The next night we went to Tyler's house and enjoyed
Halloween night with them. Then the next day, I was off to spend
5 days with my Mom in Santa Barbara while she was attending an
alternative medicine clinic.'s that for "balance"?
Well, when I was in South Carolina, I had fun just letting Stella
and Sterling get re-aquainted with me. They were sick for
several of the days I was there, so our outing time was pretty
slim. I didn't even get to attend church, which is always a fun
time for me. I did help Melissa get halloween costumes done,
(She sewed, I held and helped kids) We went to dinner at
Hudsons, and I got to enjoy some barbecue from the South.
And some blues music, which Stella enjoyed.
So, I'll add pictures and see if it jogs my memory of anything
On my brief stint home, I enjoyed watching Julie cheer.
When I went to Santa Barbara with my Mom, the thing I
thoroughly enjoyed, was being SO close to the ocean. We could
see the ocean from the living room, and we could hear the
waves at night. One afternoon my Mom and I went walking
and we sat on a bench to just gaze at the water, and we were
able to see some dolphins. I love being able to see dolphins
when I visit the beach.
I had to leave Santa Barbara early enough to get to the next
to the last football game, where they honored the Senior
students. So Mel and I escorted Julie onto the field. It was
an honor. = ) So, that is how I balanced my life this last
month. I try.....

Monday, November 16, 2009

are you bored yet?

So, I have not posted in so long, that I am getting bored
with the same post sitting there day after day. SO...
I promise to get something new up there in the next
couple of days. I have been a little busy and pre-
occupied this last month. LATER !!!