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Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas with the Lunds

Having fun with Macy

Mel, Sam and Grace
We switched it up this year. Instead of going to Mimi's
for Christmas Eve dinner we went to Lucille's for lunch.

Clark and Macy

Tyler and Anna

Michelle and Julie

Anna, Joneel and Clark


Macy, the cute present

Julie, Michelle, Clark with Macy--Christmas morning


Macy opened her Lady bug pillow pal

Michelle, Macy and Clark

Our zebra attire

The Tyler Lund family Christmas day

Grace enjoying Sam's new train set

Sam's loving it

Grace's sweet smile

Julie was the first to arrive. She got here on Friday, Dec. 17th.
Then next came Michelle, Clark and Macy on Sunday. Then
it was time to just shop, eat, and get ready for the big day.
Macy is such a sweet natured little girl, and she finds a place
in your heart pretty darn quick. Michelle and Clark got to
visit with Clarks family a couple of days also, and Julie and
I tagged along one of those days.
On Christmas Eve we usually go to Mimi's cafe for dinner.
But this year, we changed it up a bit. We went to Lucille's
for lunch. Ribs, Tri tip.....Y U M M Y !
Christmas was pretty low key. I didn't have time to go crazy
with gifts, so it wasn't overwhelming, just nice. We missed
having Andrea with us for the day. She had to work. Boo Hoo.
Anyway, I am thankful I have a husband who enjoys the holidays
and makes it even more fun. And then with his week off of work
between Christmas and New Years, that is the icing on the cake!
Speaking of cake, Michelle made cinnamon rolls for us on a couple
of occasions! YUMMY We dipped a few chocolates also, thanks
to my V.T. Marlene for donating the chocolate and recipe!
I hope we all remembered what the day celebrates.


a nightly occurrence

Having fun with Stella and Sterling

Their first bath in their new home
Meeting Santa

I had to say Hi too

Stella helping Mommy

Andy helping Sterling

A trip to South Carolina wouldn't be the same without
seeing this woman!

Grace at her Kindergarten program

Christmas is always a fun time of year. this year I felt a little
less prepared, probably because of the 2 months I'd spent
in Arizona with my Mom. I kind of feel like I'm playing
catch-up all the time. But even though I wasn't totally
prepared, and I'd missed my time to go see Melissa during
my usual October trip, I decided to go on out and see
my daughter and family in their new home. Melissa
moved into their first home on Dec. 4 (Saturday) and I
arrived on Monday. What fun to see everyone. I got to
stay for a week and got a little aquainted with their new
city. We also went to visit some friends from Lexington
too. I used to stay with Karen Rozmus and family because
there really wasn't much room for me in Melissa's apartment.
So it was nice to have a place for me this time.
Then after I got home I went to see Grace perform in her
school Christmas program. it was really sweet to see her
sing her special song and all the others too. It's so nice to live
close enough to do that.

Giving Thanks jarom

Isn't he a cutie

Grace and Sam are having fun being with julie again



We took the Varner's Christmas picture while they were

Macy showing us her clappin

With a new grandson recently added to our family, we
had every reason to be feeling Thankful at this time
of year. We had Julie home from college, Michelle
and Clark and Macy were able to come from Utah,
Tyler and Anna and kids came over, and Anna's mom
Linda too. Mel's sister ReNae and her hubby Ron here,
along with their daughter Courtney and family. It was a
lovely group. We had Turkey and the fixings. Ham
too. We just had a great day relaxing and visiting.
While Julie was visiting, she couldn't wait to get
over and see Grace, Sam and meet Jarom. She really
misses them.

A new grandson, Jarom

Grace and Sam seeing their brother for the first time.

The new bigger family

Grace was enjoying her big sister role

Grandma getting her turn

Grandpa holding Jarom with his eyes wide open

I am back tracking since I have been lax in my blogging.
We had the arrival of our 6th grandchild November 18th.
Tyler and Anna welcomed their 3rd child, Jarom. He
is beautiful, and his older sister and older brother were
excited to welcome him to their family. Grace understood
what was going on, but Sam was a little leery at first.
Anna's mom Linda and I were able to get there before they
wheeled Anna off to deliver the baby. We waited what
felt like forever before Tyler came out to tell us that their
son had been born, and that everything went well. Mel
came down with the kids just a little while later, and we
all got to get our first looks at the darling new baby boy.
Welcome to our family Jarom! We love you already.