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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Well, we always enjoy our time with Tyler and Anna and grandkids, so one day just
wasn't enough. We had to go to their place and get our fill. Mel and Tyler went to
the beach and did some shore fishing. Michelle and I stayed around the house
for a while visiting with Anna while the kids slept. It was quite fun just chatting
with Anna. Then David came and we chatted for a bit longer and then decided to
join Mel and Tyler at the Beach. Man, I LOVE the beach. It was so darn beautiful.
Here are just a couple of picture from our day.

Our Pre-Memorial Day celebration

On Sunday our family along with Tyler and Anna's family, went to Mel's oldest sister
RaNae's house. It was fun because Courtney and Colton and their daughters were
there, so Grace and Jocelyn played and played and played. It was great to visit
with Mel's sister RaNae and her husband Ron. The weather was nice, the food was
good and the company.....GREAT!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Living it up

Ever since Michelle has graduated from college, and come back home, we have been
having way too much fun. Yesterday we took off for the beach after we got Julie
from school. The weather was a hot one! So the beach felt wonderful. After
the beach, we stopped off to see Tyler and Grace. That's always a treat. Then Julie
found out a friend she met at EFY last year, was at Disneyland, so being the very
sweet, patient mother that I am, we stopped by there for almost two hours so they
could "hang out" again. So here are a couple of pictures from the wonderful, glorious

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Disney divas

Wow, Michelle and I have made 2 trips to the Magic Kingdom this week. It's been fun,
but also fairly tiring. Today we met up with my sister in law Cristina and niece Reane
and Cristina's sister and sons. We mostly spent the day in California adventure, but
Michelle and I made it over to the big D for a couple of rides.
Here is little Reane and I on the big ferris wheel. She enjoyed it, but also wanted
to hold on tight.

Cristina, Michelle, Nicholas and his mom standing behind, little Reane on the fish go round
Michelle and I went on the river rafting ride, and I guess I entertained Michelle by

borrowing a poncho from a woman, and putting it over the two of us, so we did the

ride under plastic. Our bodies still got very very wet, but our hair stayed nice. = ) Michelle having fun going down the fire pole. Still soaking wet on the bum and shirt

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Infinity and beyond

Tonight Michelle, Julie and I went to Disneyland. We are definitely getting the full use
out of our passes. Julie had been invited to go with some friends, so Michelle and I
went also. AND....Michelle wanted to take me on this ride and see who could get more
points. Surprisingly, I did!! But here is a picture of the "take perfect aim" girl, and the
more "laid back" woman. P.S. Notice the score!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

You want us? As Host parents?

Wow, it's over. Our very first time as host parents for Stake Youth Conference. And....
We had a great time. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about being host parents,
but I asked Melissa what one of her favorite memories was from Youth Conference,
and she told me that she loved when the Schaumans let them make brownies and put
corn in it, and they made it into "interesting" shapes and dropped it off on front door
steps. And she loved, which I wasn't into. And thankfully they had asked us
not to do that. = ) But Robin and Allan F were paired up with us, and they came over
last night, and the boys and girls had a fun time playing games. I'm also glad that
Michelle was home, and could help us out with game ideas. They played "What if"
and really seemed to like that. They made cards for the convalescent home they
were going to visit, and we had lots of "junk food".

Today at the convalescent home, Mel and I talked to several people there, and it was
a real treat. One man, who had never married, kept telling me "It goes by so fast"
He was trying to tell me to live life to the fullest. Enjoy each day. He was from
Greece. His name was John G. His hospital room mate was a really really sweet
guy that Michelle talked with at great length. His name was Claude. He really loved
golf. Michelle was so glad that she talked with him, and heard his story.

The testimony meeting was great. It's so nice to see that the youth were touched
by doing service. Then it was the good-bye's. And now Julie and Michelle are at
the "after party". YOUTH, gotta love em.

The guys we were paired with, and the girls that we hosted
Had to post this. Michelle had a lot of fun with these young men. Or
should I say they had lots of fun with her.

Here's Julie with some of her friends, and some of the boys they got to spend time with