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Friday, August 31, 2007

Cheer Legacy

After we made so much ruckus, Julie looked up at her family cheering for her

Melissa cheered as an alumnus, Michelle's junior year

Back in 1997, Melissa decided that she wanted to be a cheerleader for her high school. She tried out, and she made it, and she cheered for 4 school years. Then in 2001, Michelle tried out for the high school cheerleading squad, and cheered her next 3 years of high school. Fast forward 6 years to 2007, and now Julie is cheering for the same school. Yesterday she cheered for her first J.V. game in the sweltering heat. It's been fun to watch our 3 daughters cheer for their high school teams.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1...2...and soon to be 3

Here is Mel with Grace in our backyard. She's number 1

Tyler sent me a picture of their future second child, and our grandchild #3. How exciting it is to anticipate and then welcome another sweet grandchild into the family. He/she is 5 inches long about now. = )

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

S T E L L A ! ! ! !

Stella eating her bracelet. Ü

Ha ha, had to write her name how I've heard some people say it to me, because they heard the name in a couple of different movies, "A Street Car Named Desire" being one of them. But I got

some new pictures of her in an e-mail today, and I know my daughter is trying to get them on her own blog, but I have to share them anyway. She is getting some roundness to her, and it's so darn cute!! Being a grandma is the best!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My friend Karen

Karen with my daughter Melissa and Granddaughter Stella in South Carolina

Here is a picture of my friend Karen, who has been there when I've needed her. Once when my son was serving his mission in Ohio, and now when my daughter and her family moved to South Carolina for law school. She has a special place in my heart. (And her family does too)

2 more beach trips

Me and my beach buddies Shelly and Bonnie on our second trip
Me and my girls on our second beach vacation
Julie, Logan, Michelle and Madison at our second beach trip

Well, one of my most favorite places in the world, is the beach. And this year, I took 3 separate trips. The first trip was with my married kids, and our nephew and his family, my sister and her family, my brother and his family. Very fun. The next trip was with my two youngest daughters, my daughter melissa w/ granddaughter Stella, my nephews kids Logan and Madison, my friend Shelly, my friend Bonnie (for one day at least) and we lucked out and met up with Lorna and Kari G. Very fun again. Then the last trip was with my youngest two daughters again, and two of Michelle's friends from college. Very fun again. It's a tradition I hope to continue for years to come.

Julie's 15th birthday

Michelle and Julie at Mimi's cafe

Me with my birthday girl Julie

At the cheer beach party

Julie's birthday was yesterday, and we had a cheer beach party we went to, and then we went to dinner, then invited a friend over to go see a movie and eat chocolate cake. It was fun.
I can't believe my youngest is getting as old as she is. But I guess the clock doesn't stop for anyone, now does it?

4 generations

On the 4th of July, we took a 4 generation picture. My mom is a twin, but basically was the first
daughter (if you count them in sets) and I was the first daughter, and Melissa is the first daughter and Stella is the first daughter. So, that is kind of fun. So we got this fun picture of the 4 of us.

The new US/ before and after

Before...Michelle, julie and Me (my oldest didn't get in on this)
After.....Julie, Me and Michelle

Well, me, Julie and Michelle all got new "do's" today. Big changes for sure. Julie went dark, Michelle went "honey" and I went "shorter". On the advice of my younger daughters, I needed

a new look. So we will see how it goes, and if I can make it look as good on my own.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's my birthday and I can smile if I want to, smile if I want to

Well, today is/was my birthday, and it was a fine day. My sweet Julie made me chocolate chip pancakes and brought them to me in bed. Then I got to spend a lot of the day with my hubby, Julie, Michelle, Tyler, Anna and Grace. I got a sweet phone call from Melissa and got to talk for a while. LOVED it. Darn, I want to post a picture, but I didn't take any. WHAT WAS I THINKING?????? Maybe I'll get some fun pictures again soon.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Melissa's SO far away birthday

Well, my oldest daughter celebrated her birthday so so far away today. In South Carolina. But
they unpacked their moving van with the help of Karen and Chadd and boys and the missionaries and one other guy, and Karen and Chadd stayed to help them unpack a few boxes and they are sleeping in their new residence. Might I repeat, so so far away. But I will manage, as long as I get to see them fairly often. I just want all my grandkids to know who I am. Where would we be without cell phones and e-mail and digital photography? And airplanes???
Happy birthday Melissa, Love Mom

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stella's blessing

We are back from our quick trip to Utah to attend Stella's blessing and help Melissa and Andy get moved. The blessing was so sweet. Andy, what a sweet father you are. And Audrey (Andy's mom) made the most beautiful blessing dress, slippers and bonnet I have ever seen. My daughter cried when she first saw how beautiful it was. I'm sure it was made with tender loving care. We had a lot of family there, and even some dear friends, which made it even more special. And now Melissa, Andy and Stella are on their way to South Carolina. One more day of driving. They will be greeted by one of the sweetest families I know. The Rozmus family. They are going to help them find a good place to rent for the next 3 years while Andy attends law school at the University of South Carolina. It was the one saving grace for me, knowing that they had such a wonderful family close by that would help them in an instant. It's hard having your family live so far away. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that I bummed off of Melissa's friend Rashel, of the blessing day. I'll post more when I get them.