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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm back Ya'll

A favorite thing to do. Reading

This is where Stella stayed at the Lake. Didn't want to
touch the water. We wonder if she was traumatized
from the near drowning she witnessed last year at
her birthday party.

Melissa and Sterling. At Lake Murray

Sunday Dinner at the Rozmus'. Melissa and Andy and
kids spend a LOT of time here on Sundays.

Karen Rozmus, eating some of the yummy ka-bobs

Sweet little Sterling. What a fun and precious guy

This was a look I saw several times from Stella this visit.

Melissa, Stella and Sterling

Sterling LOVES to throw.

Stella, Sterling and I played with Playdoh

I missed Mother's day with Mel and Julie. Mel
made sure I got flowers though. = )

Grocery shopping one night.

I think I came back with a bit of a Southern Drawl. hee hee
I went out to South Carolina for Andy's law school graduation.
It was a wonderful occasion. Something to be proud of, for sure.
While there, I stayed with the Karen and Chadd Rozmus family.
Always a treat. Everyday, Melissa would come get me, and we'd
try and figure out what we wanted to get done while I was there.
I arrived on Thursday evening, and we went to Hudsons for dinner
with Andy's parents and sister. Friday was Andy's graduation, and
surprise party. Saturday we went to Lake Murray with Debra, Andy's
sister. Sunday, Church and dinner at the Rozmus'. Monday and
Tuesday, I've kind of forgotten. Probably just hung out with Melissa
and kids. On Wednesday, Melissa and Andy got an early anniversary
gift. I think they both enjoyed it. On Thursday Melissa and
I took a day trip to Aiken, SC. It was fun to just spend the
time with her and Stella and Sterling. Friday, it was off to
get pictures of Sterling, Build a Bear with Stella,
and Jeramiah's baseball game. The time always passes too
quickly. Man, did I have a good time! Little Sterling said
ma ma (grandma) and signed it too. I love getting to know
my grandkids and just loving them all I can.
I'll do another post of more pictures later.

Semester Break visit from Michelle

We had a wonderful visit from Michelle, Clark, Macy and
Clark's sister Mattie, during Clarks semester break. I
love when they come to visit. Macy is such a sweet good baby.

During their visit, Julie did something at school, which
made Michelle and Clark reminisce about the things
they did during their high school years. This was in honor
of Clark. Computer geek. ha ha

This was for Michelle. She wanted to relive her years
on cheer. Lucky Clark. = )

Sweet Macy. Mel got some time to enjoy her.

Oh, there's nothing like those sweet little Grandkids.

Senior Prom

Jessica, Julie, Katie, Marissa and Sara
These 5 have become really good friends this year.

All but Zac. I'll have to have Julie tell me everyone's name.

All but one couple

Ali and Julie

Jessica and her date, Julie and Ali, Kyle and Sara

Ali and Julie, Sara and Kyle

Tonights the night. There's been lots of anticipation for this
one night. Dress shopping, tux picking, Limo reserving. I
hope the night is everything they are hoping for.
Afterall, it's their Senior Prom. They all met at our house,
then they are going to BJ's for dinner, the limo picked them
up to drive them to BJ's, then he will take them to downtown
Disney where they are having prom. I can't wait to hear
about their evening.
Funny thing, I just got back into town today, after flying
in from South Carolina. I may be spending most of my
evening sleeping on the couch. Or maybe getting caught
up on e-mail, etc. Time will tell.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Work Out time with Young Women's

Julie and Jessica in their matching work-out get up

Jessica, Hillary, Sara, Julie, McKenzie, Marissa

Do you think these girls had fun getting dressed up for the
Zumba class that Robin F. arranged? Just look at their
clothes, and it's pretty obvious. This was a fun way to
have Julie's friends come enjoy an activity at church.