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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Sweet Mom and her Wonderful Twin

Denise, Mom, darryl, Joneel, Dad--Timpanogas Temple

Renae and Reane

Renae and Reane

Clark and Michelle

right, front to back-Amber, Jessica, Denise, Craig, Kim, 2 people i didn't know
Left, front to back- Darryl, Jessica's friend, Lisa, Tom, Sharon Head of table-Renae

right, front to back-danny or steven, Jared, kenny, Ashley, Head of table-Reane
Left, front to back- Ashley, Kelly, Brenda (hiding), Mark, Dad, Joneel

right front to back-phil, sharon, alan ,ken
left fron to back- Sandra, Stan, Julane, Judy, Garth
I just got back from spending time in Utah with my Mom
for her birthday. Since my Mom is a twin, we had a
double celebration for the two of them. The morning
of my Mom's birthday, my sister Denise, brother
Darryl and myself, along with our parents,
went to the Timpanogas Temple. It was a great
start to the day. Then it was time for the birthday
celebration at Los Hermanos. All of my siblings were
there, and all but one of my cousins. Just like old
times. ; )

I have always loved my cousins, but I have a new
appreciation for my Aunt Renae and her family.
Ever since we found out my Mom has ovarian
cancer, my aunt Renae's family has been so
supportive and helpful. I don't know if they will
ever know how much that means to me.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the party
and also a picture of the "birthday girls"

Pre Senior Pictures

Julie is a Senior. So, when you are a senior, you take
senior pictures. These are the pictures we took before
we went to the studio that took the pictures for the
PS The pictures the studio took turned out very nice.
Will post when I can.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do I hear Triple?? Naaww, it's a double

Clark, Michelle, Melissa and Andy

Michelle and Melissa

While Melissa and Michelle were visiting California,
I know that they were hoping to go on a triple date
with their brother. I'm not sure what happened,
but they took what they could get, and headed
out on a double date. They both decided to wear
their new dress, so they looked like the doublemint
twins. ha ha. but I think they had an enjoyable
time hanging out as "adult" sisters on their
double date.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day and a B-day celebration for Julie

drinking some refreshing soda

Samantha, Jaclyn, Julie and Marissa

A week ago, before school started, Julie and I decided
to take a little trip down to Carlsbad, to visit with my
cousin Sandra. I've gone down there several years
during the summer, and had the greatest time.
Fun, relaxing and so enjoyable. Well when Julie
and I were there, and out in the beautiful ocean,
she said "Why don't we come down here for my
birthday?" So, my sweet cousin said that we
could bring the party to her house. (How sweet
is that?) So Sunday evening we took off for
Carlsbad, with 2 of Julie's closest friends. We had
a blast singing.....Oh darn, what is the name of
it? Mya hee, Mya ho, Mya ha, Mya ha ha.....any
one getting my drift? We made video's of us singing
along...(pretty funny) anyway, we rented a movie
and watched that, then got up this morning and went
to the beach, relaxed, then went and saw 2 movies.
500 Days of Summer, and All About Steve. We
enjoyed them both. then afterwards we went to
Souplantation for dinner before heading home. We
had a great time! Thanks to everyone who helped
make it a special time.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The last of the last

Well, our last child has started her last year of high school. I am amazed
at how fast life can go. Sometimes it feels like it whizzes by. Thank
heavens we have eternity.
Anyway, we finished the first week of school, the first football game
cheered at, and also....the first BYU football game of the season.
(Tyler, Anna and kids came over to enjoy with us)
They were all good. So here's to our last year of public schools.
Hip Hip Hoorah!!!