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Friday, December 9, 2011

Friend parties, and Friend birthday parties

 Julie with Emily Stephens and Rachel Hendertilo
 Having a pizza party.
 These girls can get CRAZY

Julie, Jenn and Marissa went to a yacht for 3 days for Jenn's birthday.  They
had a blast.

My trip to Utah end of June/first of July 2011

 Macy LOVED LOVED LOVED the splash park in Alpine

 4th of July at the Makins house.  Here is katie hanson, boyfriend and Whitney Hanson
 Mike and Linda Makin...the Host's
 Mike and Linda's grandkids....Emma and james
Irelee (Ryans oldest) and Derek, ryans boy

 My sister in law Vicky and her daughter in law Marianne
 Julie, Mandy and Michelle
 Me and the hubs
 Julie, Emily and Michelle
The pyro technic guys.  Geoff and Ryan

Linda is always such a great host for the Lund family fireworks.  We'd had a picnic
before hand and then all met at their house for the fireworks.  It was a little sprinkly,
but not too bad.  We had a fun evening for all.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

More family time with Michelle and Macy and the Lunds in April/May 2011

 Macy hanging out with Julie watching T.V.
 Two little peas in a pod
 Cousins Jarom and Macy
 Jarom, Macy and Grace
 Sam was really liking Macy
Julie is often a human jungle gym

 Can you tell how much Sam was liking Macy?
 Sam, Macy, jarom and Grace.  LOVE them
 macy being stone faced. 
Mel....just the way he likes it.  Holding a grandchild

Kesha concert

Jenn and Julie all decked out for the Kesha concert.  Julie said it was
pretty wild, and probably wouldn't go to another one.  That's my girl.

Easter with the Lunds

 Sam got to find the sports eggs
 Grace got to find the sparkly eggs
 Her loot
 The Egg Hunters
 Tyler smooching on Jarom

A pretty rose in my back yard.

We had Tyler and family come over for a little Easter celebration and had the
kids do a little Easter Egg hunt.  Grace was really good at finding the eggs, and
Sam needed just a little bit of help.  They had a good time and went away with
some Easter goodies.

A visit from Michelle and the New Zealanders April 2011

 Michelle and Macy at the beach
 Michelle, macy and Erana having fun in the water
 Erana (from New Zealand), Macy and Michelle

 The beach was nice, but was April
 Sweet Sandy feet
 Going across Newport Harbor on a ferry
 Julie enjoying the ride
 The "driver"
 Erana giving us the thumbs up with Raven in the background
This is Macy's cousin Raven from New Zealand

After Julie was through with school in April, she and Marissa drove to Utah and picked
Michelle and macy up to drive the rest of the way to California with them.
Raven and Erana had come for a visit and stayed with Michelle while in Utah,
then came and stayed in our home for about a week.  We did a few fun things
and one of those things was going to the beach and riding on the ferry.
Michelle had so much fun having her niece and Erana around.  We enjoyed
getting to know them also, and enjoyed hearing the New Zealand accent.

Everett Arrives in March 2011

 Stella showing me her BIG sunglasses
 Sterling showing me his Thomas train
 Having fun with my South Carolina grandkids
 Little Everett arrived 4 days after I got to South Carolina!
 What a cutie
 The siblings checking out the new little brother
 Stella was pretty excited about her new baby brother
 The "new" Smith family
 Sterling thought he seemed pretty neat
 Stella loves babies

 Grandma with the new one

 Everett getting his first ride home
 Sterling still all smiles about new baby brother
 Stella and Sterling love to help in the kitchen
 The whole group
 Stella loved making silly faces
 Sterling with a little trim of his curly locks
 Andy tossing a pizza crust.  I was impressed
 Sterling helped with the cheese
 Stella put on the pepperoni

 And no visit to South Carolina is complete without a visit from Karen R.
 Tangled was the big hit.
 So in keeping with Tangled, we made Everett a Prince
 Everett's first bath
 All wrapped up in his crab blanket

 Another favorite thing for Sterling and Stella, is doing the dishes
I'm glad that I can be with my daughters when they have a new little baby.  I love
spending time with all of them.