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Friday, January 22, 2010


I don't know what got into two of my girls. They both had the
"itch" to change their hair. If anyone knows me, I have a hard
time with change, especially with hair. Thank heavens, they
look beautiful either way.


After-- Bangs and darker brown. With her friend Sara,
whose hair she curled up.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orange you glad.....?

Wow, we did it! We finally got an orange off of our orange tree.
It's only taken about 15 years. (Don't quote me on that). But
today I rescued it from the ground, which was sopping wet from
all the rain, brought it inside, cut it up and ate it! I'm happy
to report that it was delicious. I was a little nervous, because
we don't water it regularly, so i didn't know if the orange
would be dry, but it wasn't. AND....there are more where
it came from. Now maybe I should try an avocado tree. = )

Friday, January 15, 2010

Curly Hair

So......Grace has said that no one has hair like hers. Well, she
is not quite on the money on that one. I had hair like hers
when I was a young girl, except mine wasn't that blonde.
And Andrea has hair similar to hers, but even more curly.
Here's to beautiful curly hair.

Time with Grandpa

Have some fun with Sterling

The special donut Grandpa bought Stella

At Cabella's

I admit it, I am so fortunate to have a husband who brings
home the bacon. And while he is bringing home the bacon,
I get to go and visit with my family, my kids and my grandkids.
So while we were in Utah, and Melissa was there with her
children, I was glad that my hubby was there and got to have
some time with his grandkids. And it was so wonderful
that he got to be there when Michelle had her baby. He has
been talking about having grandkids, since our kids were little.
Now that we have a webcam, I am hoping that he will get to
see them even more, without having to leave home. Mel often
times will offer to go watch Grace and Sam so that Anna and
Tyler can have a night out. He is just the best Grandpa!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday Man

Grace and Anna, Sam and Tyler

After our trip to Utah, we got home just in time to celebrate
a birthday with our son Tyler. We went to one of our
fave's, Lucilles barbecue. After the dinner they invited
us to their place for cake and ice cream. Grace always
looks forward to this part of the birthday. After the cake
and ice cream, Tyler put some music on, and we had
some major dance moves going on. Sam and Grace
have some awesome "moves".
Well Tyler, another year older and wiser too. Happy YOU!