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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beach or Bust....or go to Tyler and Anna's

Michelle and Mel had gone fishing earlier in the day. Michelle ended
up getting sick while they were out on the boat. Here's her sad face
because she can't hold any of the kids.

Darling Sam
Jocelyn and Grace playing. They have so much fun together
Not at the beach, but lots of fun anyway. Mel, Tyler, Grace, Jocelyn and Courtney

Yesterday we were going to meet up with Tyler and Anna and kids, and Colton and Courtney and kids at the beach. BUT the US open for surfing was going on, so there were no parking spots to be had. So we decided to just go back to Tyler's and bring out all the things we'd planned on cooking at the beach. We even brought our littlefire pit, so we could roast marshmallows. It was a fun night being with family.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Julie's off again. Cheer camp

Well, Julie got 2 days at home from all our vacationing before taking off for cheer camp.
This is her this morning before she took off. Oh, how I love this girl.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

South Carolina

a small lake in the city of Lexington
On the Governor's grounds

the boardwalk leading to the Atlantic Ocean

Bathing Beauties.
Andy walking Stella out to play in the waves
At Lake Murray
Our last night fling at the ice cream parlor
Julie and Brandon, Jeramiah and Andy
Julie Michelle Melissa
Me with Karen R.

Well geez, I'm back from South Carolina. I had such a fun time. Especially since Michelle
and Julie got to come with me. That just made it more fun. And I know Melissa was
happy to see them too. Anyway, we got back from our trip to Nauvoo, etc. and had a
day and a half at home, then off to the airport we went. My dear friend Karen R. left her
car at the airport so I didn't have to rent a car, and let us stay in her home while she and
her family took a trip to Ohio. How generous and giving is that? VERY !! Anyway, our
first day there, Andy showed us around Columbia, SC, where he goes to law school, we
saw the Governors mansion and grounds, went to a bookstore where we bought some
University of South Carolina gear, and met up with some ward members (where Melissa
and Andy will be living) . We played some Rock Band, and went to dinner.
Then the next day we headed to Charleston and went shopping on King Street, and
drove around "Battery" where there were some pretty "southern" homes, then went to
the Isle of Palms and went in the Atlantic Ocean. That was something I really wanted to
do. It was warm!! It was great seeing Andy play with Stella in the waves. Andy makes
life pretty exciting for little Stella. And she LOVES it. Then we went to dinner at Baja
Fresh and got bit by fire ants in the parking lot. I still have weird sores on my feet.
The next day we went to Lake Murray to swim and enjoy the beauty. And Beautiful
it was. So close where Melissa and Andy live. I loved swimming in the water there.
Then that evening, Melissa went with Andy to a work party, and Julie, Michelle and I
went to the South Carolina Junior Miss pageant. It was fun to see how one of those
pageants works, and fun to hear that southern accent. Then we stayed at the house
where Melissa and Andy will be living and played games with the Gilbert family and
stayed up till 12 or 1. Can't remember. We laughed and talked. (All very loudly I might
The next day was church. It was fun to see someone from our stake who is serving his
mission there in South Carolina, and his first area is Melissa and Andy's ward. So we
talked with Elder Vallejo for a bit. That night Andy made us Spaghetti. YUM. And
that night the Rozmus' came back home. It was good to see them. Karen brought her
parents down for a visit, so I got to meet them. They had let Michelle and Noelle stay
at their home one night when they were driving across the country. Sweet people.
The next day we went with Melissa to a wedding shop where she wanted Michelle to
look at the pretty dresses there. Andy got off work early that day, so he spent the rest
of the day with "us girls". I think we went shopping at a couple of different stores, and
went to dinner with the Rozmus' to enjoy our last night there in South Carolina. Then
we went for ice cream to finish off the night. It's darn hard to leave my daughter and
family, so far across the country. = (
Sweet Karen drove Michelle, Julie and I to the airport in Charlotte, NC the next morning.
I owe that woman. We had a blast and loved our time in "The South", but it's always
nice to get back home. Thanks for the Memories, Smiths, Rozmus' and Gilberts.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our family trip visiting Church History sites

Melissa, Andy and Stella came to Utah to visit with both sides of the family.
We had a little birthday cake for Stella to celebrate her turning 1

our first stop in the Tetons. Beautiful I didn't realize we would see Buffalo. Way fun.

Mel, My Mom, Julie, Michelle and ME pulling a handcart at Martin's Cove
Another shot, with my brother in the background. So glad we didn't have to travel this way
My Mom with 9 of her grandchildren. Only 3 were missing. Tyler and Melissa, and Aubrey

Carthage Jail where Joseph Smith was martyred
Throwing rocks in the Mississippi River at the end of Parley St.
Winter Quarters Visitor Center. What a group
Winter Quarters Temple, Nebraska

Liberty Jail
Far West. One of the cornerstones of the temple that was
never built

Adam Ondi Ahman. Very beautiful

Well, we're back. We did it!! My parents (mother) wanted to take a family trip

to Nauvoo. So she and Jeff went about getting hotels, etc. and then Mel figured

out a few places we HAD to go, and off we went. First we headed to the Tetons

for a partial family reunion with my aunt Madelyn and some of her children.

It was beautiful. We saw some wildlife, and beautiful scenery. We got re-acquainted

with Nick and Candi Hunter (which was very fun). Then we started on our trip.

We started with a short stop at Martin's cove, and we all got in groups and pushed

handcarts to get a feel for what the Saints went through. (We couldn't even scratch

the surface). Then our final destination for the day was Cheyenne, WY. The next
morning we got up and had our complimentary breakfast at the Comfort Inn and
drove to Winter Quarters in Nebraska. The kids had fun dressing up in Pioneer
clothing, and we learned a lot about the early pioneers. We walked around the
cemetery and got a picture in front of the Winter Quarters temple. We stayed in
Omaha, Nebraska at an Econo Lodge. Eeeek. One positive. They had a complimentary
breakfast also. Then the next morning we stopped by Kanesville to see the tabernacle
where Brigham Young was ordained the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints. Then we arrived in Nauvoo, Illinois just in the nick of time to watch a show
put on by the young missionaries. It was called "High Hopes and Riverboats" It was
a little historical play. Very cute. Then that very same evening we went to "Sunset
on the Mississippi" which was a variety show given by the senior missionaries and the
young missionaries. What talent. Very entertaining. But WOW, the bugs were out
in force. It was the first hatch of the May Fly. They are a totally freaky weird bug.
They were so thick. Oh, we also saw fireflies. That was really fun for me. I haven't
seen one of those since I was a child, and had gone back to Nauvoo. The next morning
my parents and siblings and husband and daughters, and nieces that were 12 years old,
went to the Nauvoo Temple to do baptisms for deceased ancestors. That was a very
special time. It was the first time my parents and siblings and I had been in the
temple together. LOVED IT. Then during the day we went and saw some of the
historical parts of Nauvoo. We went to the Smith Family living center, went on a
buggy ride, went to the Blacksmith shop, etc. That evening we saw the show
"Rendevous" put on by the senior missionaries. The next morning my mom and
brother Darryl and wife Cristina went to do a session in the Nauvoo temple at 8 am
and my sister and her husband Jeff and I did a 9 o'clock session. That was neat
to be able to do also. Mel didn't realize we were going to go, so he went to get a
headlight for the car, and when he got back, he rounded up all the kids to take them
to see "Just Plain Anna Amanda", a cute show geared to the younger crowd. The young
missionaries put that on. Then we went and saw the Brick store, and where Joseph
and Hyrum Smith are buried, along with some other members of their family. Then
we had to head on out to Carthage jail and had a sweet experience there. Mel, Alaine,and Cristina bore their testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith. After that we started
for Independence, Missouri. We stayed at a nice hotel there. A Fairfield Inn. Got up
in the morning, and went to the visitors Center where a temple will be built, and then
went to Far West, then onto Adam-Ondi-Ahman. Very Very beautiful. I have a
different opinion of Missouri now. It's not such a weird place. It is beautiful. It's
also muggy, but my lips didn't get chapped. = ) The feeling I think we all experienced
there where the early Saints had struggled and fought against all odds, to establish
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was one of gratitude and awe. I
am very Thankful to my ancestors who did what they did so that we could have the
Church in our lives. It truly blesses us.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

pictureless post

Well, I don't have the connector that will let me put pictures on any computer, so this post
will have to be pictureless. Melissa and Andy left this morning, headed back for South
Carolina. Boo Hoo. But it was sure fun to see them all. Stella warmed up to us (sort of)
by the last day. She is a doll. Can't wait to post some pictures in the future. We will be
having some fun extended family times, and I'll post about them when I can. Until then,
hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Ciao'