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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where's Julie

So, Which look suits Julie?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Michelle and Macy are heading home. = (

Grandpa enjoying little Macy

We got a cute little smile from her

Going to meet with Lorna and Lindsay and Courtney
Melissa made the cute little hat for Macy

Julie's friend Sara washed hands, wasn't sick, so got to
hold Macy. She really likes baby Macy.
DARN IT !!! Our time with Michelle and Macy has come to an end.
I'm not happy about this at all. I realize they need to be back with
Clark, but I have enjoyed getting to know Macy's personality these
last 12 days. She is so sweet, so lovable, and a pretty easy going baby.
She eats well and sleeps well. At this moment, I can smell spit up
from Macy on my shirt. haha. She also will spit up with all the
bubbles don't get up. = )
Clark and his Mom took off Friday at noon, got here at 10 or so, and
we went to Newport Beach Saturday and met up with my cousin
Sandra. Today was church and Valentines Day. Lots of sweet
stuff happening here. Anyway, family is everything. And I have
the best people for me!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

dances and weddings

l-r Amy Sue, Grooms friend, Courtney, Grooms brother in law
Michelle, Grooms friend, Nicole, Noelle, Mark, Grooms sister,
grooms brother, Grooms sister, Grooms brother, Alicia and Ben
Michelle and Noelle

Mrs. and Mr. Heaton


after the dance....had to get a picture = )

Daniel and Julie


Jenna, Matt, Julie, Daniel, Jackie, Alex

****Warning***** pictures are in reverse order******
Back at the end of January, Julie was nominated for Winter Formal
Court. We thought it was a fun honor and at the end of the evening,
she was crowned Winter Formal Princess. Another girl won the
honor of Queen. Julie went with Daniel Armstrong, and went in
a very large group of kids and had a blast. The pictures of her
with her sash and tiara are after the dance, and NOT good.
camera is fairly new, and I don't think I have the right settings.
DARN IT !! Anyway, I'll post the pictures anyway.
Then Michelle came down with little Macy, to be here for Noell
Perkins/Heaton's wedding. The wedding was yesterday, in the
rain, and tonight was the reception. All fun times. Michelle was
a bridesmaid. Noelle was a beautiful bride. When Noelle threw
the bouquet, Julie caught it. Ha ha. She just stood there, and it
landed in her hand.