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Monday, April 27, 2009

Angels vs. Mariners

Mel, Tyler holding Grace and Tom (Anna's Dad)
Mel, Anna, Grace, Tyler and Tom

Joneel (me) and Mel

Tyler and Grace enjoying some cotton candy
Another baseball game. It's been almost a year since
I've been to one, so it was time. = ) This year, Julie
opted to baby-sit Sam so Anna could go. That was nice
since her Dad was in town, and that meant they could enjoy
going to the game together. Our tickets were for the very
top row. Woo Hoo. When we walk in, and you see the club
level, THAT is the level I want to sit on. Anyway, it was
nice to be able to go with Grace and the gang.
Another memory made.

Easter Break visitors

Julie, Joneel and Michelle
Julie and Michelle

Julie, Clark and Michelle

So, usually Julie and I like to take a little road trip for
Easter break, but this year, Michelle said that she and
Clark would like to come visit us, since Clark will be
in school, and won't get many chances to come to
California. So much to Julie's chagrin, they came to visit
us, instead of us going to visit them. We talked my Mom
and sister Denise, into coming down with them, so that
way we got to see them either way. We HAD to go
to the beach while they were here. The weather warmed
up just in time for them to leave, but one day was warm
enough to enjoy the nice ocean breeze and get a little sun
tan (burn). That first time out always seems to fool ya.
Clark was the only one daring enough to go in the
water. Anyway, it was fun to get together with
everyone, and for my Mom and Denise to see the progress
Tyler has made on his house. Somehow, I'll have to make
it up to Julie, for taking away her "road trip".

Easter Visit

Grace, probably talking to someone in the room
Sam in his Easter outfit

Sam working on his walking. He's pretty steady now.

We had Tyler, Anna, Grace and Sam over for Easter. We had Ham and
lots of other good stuff. It's so fun having Tyler and family so close. I'll
probably mention that over and over again. It's just SO FUN!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What did he say??

Can't come to our house without some trampoline time.

We had Tyler and family over during the conference week-end, so you
can imagine that we didn't catch everything that was said. But we DVR'd
it, so we can refer back. YAY. Anyway, we enjoyed spending time together,
and I wished we could have everyone here. But here are some pictures
that we took.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Banquets and Dances

The Varsity Cheerleaders
Julie on the left, and a few of the Varsity cheer girls

Julie with a gun tattoo. Get it---big "guns" (rub on tattoo)

The girls that went to the Dance together
l-r Natalie, Hannah, Jordan, Julie, Samantha, Jackie, Jenna
l-r Natalie, Hannah, Jordan, Julie, Jackie, Samantha, Jenna

Grace and Julie
Last night was Julie's end of the year Cheer banquet. They make it
very nice and give out lots of awards. It was held at a Country Club
here in the city. I liked the video that was made. I wonder if I can
figure out how to put it on youtube.
Today Mel went to Tyler's to help out with the sprinklers, or maybe
it was the lawn. Anyway, it was the first time ever that he's brought
over Grace, all by herself. It was such a fun thing for Mel and I having
Grace here. I took her to Costco and got her a little ice cream. Her
parents came about an hour later, but still, we loved having her here.
Tonight is Sadies at the high school. The theme was Pirates, with a
touch of Rave. At least that's what was rumored. So the kids didn't
quite know how to dress. We got a mixture with Julie's friends. The
girls met at Jenna's house (black blouse) and brought finger foods,
then took off for the dance. Tonight they are going to Samantha's to
sit in the Jacuzzi and sleep. Sounds fun.