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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Student Teacher daughter

Action shots of Michelle demonstrating how to put squares of paper and straws on
a string to make the tail of a kite.

While we were on our Easter Break trip, we got to go and watch Michelle while
she was student teaching. It was fun for me to observe my Michelley and to see
how she is as a teacher and also how she handles the students. I have to say that
I was very impressed. She is a very calm, soft spoken, loving teacher. It was also
fun to meet some of the students that she's been teaching. Man, kindergarten
was so long ago.........Way to go Michelle. You'll be everyone's favorite teacher.

Easter Break

Well, we are back from our trip to visit with family. What fun. I'm going to post pictures
of a few of the highlights.

Eating with Shelly, Rashel and Savannah on our first full day of Easter Break. And.....
Eating with family at one of our favorite places on our last day of our trip.

I love visiting with good friends whenever I have the opportunity. I happen to have two very good friends that live in the same city. I wanted to see them both, so Jeannie suggested we meet at this park. I introduced the two friends to each other. Jeannie and Jim were so sweet to feed us dinner. It was so delicious.

Friday, March 21, 2008

YAY Julie

julie is on the front row, very left hand side
Yes, I know, another post about Julie. But what do you expect??? Anyway, Julie tried
out for Varisty Cheer yesterday, and today they made the phone calls to let the girls
know who made the squad. And (drum roll please).... Julie made it!!! I just hope that
it's a good year and that some fun memories can be made.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Fun Week-End

Todd, Cindy, Noelle and Michelle
This week-end, Michelle and company (Noelle, Cindy and Todd) came and stayed at
our home. What Fun. It was filled with excitement and youthful exuberance. I got to
hear them speak in their native accents (ha ha ha ha), joke around, and just plain old
enjoy their time together. They sure made life more exciting for Julie too. Our house
is going to be a lot more quiet now. After staying up till all hours of the early morning
they all had to get ready for church. Check out my bathroom as they were all trying
to get their last minute finishing touches done in the morning.


Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last night was the Sadie Hawkens dance at Julie's school. She met up with some
friends before the dance for dinner, etc. The theme was country/western. I saw
lots of "Daisy Duke" wannabe's. I drove a few of them to the dance after the
pizza dinner at Kelsey's. I'll post a group picture after I get one.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cheer banquet

Tonight we celebrated the end of the cheer season with Julie and all the spiritleaders.
There was lots of picture taking, lots of gift giving, food and awards. We were so happy
for Julie when they announced the coaches award, and she was to be the recipient. Here
are the nice (and true) words of her coach. "I can't think of one bad thing to say about
this girl. She's perfect. She's always very agreeable, and even when I corrected her
she took correction without complaint. She always brightened my day, every time I
came into the Gym. And I always tell her that I "love" her haircolor. And the award
goes to............Julie" I was really happy that the coach gave her that award. I feel that
she is a very agreeable and I'm glad that she saw her the way that I do. Way to go Julie

"Magic" kingdom

Anna with Sam on his very first Disney ride, The Jungle Cruise
Wow, where do I start? A couple of weeks ago my daughter Michelle and 3 of her
friends decided they wanted to come to California to go to Disneyland. They asked
Noelle's uncle if he could sign them in. He told them that he was blacked out that day,
so he couldn't sign them in. So we asked our very good friends if they could sign them
in, plus me and my daughter in law, and they said "Yes". Well, the first group got there,
and we are going through the gate, and the guy says "I'm sorry, but you are blacked
out today". I thought "No Way, this can't be happening, My Michelle and friends drove
from another state just to go, and I brought my daughter in law, and two grandbabies
so they could go for the very first time. We were "distraught". Well, Julie had her ticket,
so she took Grace in because there was no way we were bringing her there and not
letting her go on at least a few rides. While they were in the park, my mind went to
working, and made a few phone calls, asked one of the sweet friends if she wouldn't
mind giving us her "comp" tickets, and she was willing. So the traveling college students
only had to split the cost of 2 tickets to get in. We got them at a discounted price. YAHOO !! Then I worked a little monetary magic (Thanks to my very sweet hubby) and got my
daughter in law and myself into the park. It didn't end up like we thought it was going to,
but we ended up having a good day afterall. Lesson learned......
check for black-out days before traveling 9 hours to go to the "Magic Kingdom"

Friday, March 7, 2008

Stella talking to Grandma

Melissa sent me this picture today, that just warms my heart. Makes me smile. I just have
to share. When i call Melissa on the phone, I ask if I can talk to Stella. And this is what she
looks like when I'm talking to her. LOVE IT !!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spending time with a couple of the Grandkids

Yesterday we went and spent some time with Tyler, Anna, Grace and Sam. We brought some
yummy hamburgers and hotdogs, and had a little barbecue. Of course, they wanted to see
the new truck. And we wanted to see the "kids". So we were both happy. = ) Here are
some cute pictures of our visit, and Grace seeing the new truck.