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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tyler's Birthday Dec. 2011

    My sweet birthday boy blowing out his candle, with the help of his little son, Sam
                                              3 generations.  Mel, Tyler and Jarom
    We had the priviledge of having some of Julie's friends come and stay a few days during
the Christmas break.  Behind Sam is Elisa, Jimmy's sister. Then  Jimmy (whom Julie met at BYU-I and became fast friends), then Jenn (Julie's friend from home and the edge of Anna.

 While Jimmy and Elisa Haas were visiting, they went to Universal Studio's, the Beach (Where Jimmy
lost his key) did a photo shoot, recorded a song, saw the Walk of Fame, etc.... Busy Busy

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and The Day after Christmas, 2011

          Michelle, Clark, Abraham and Macy were in California on Christmas Eve.
            Macy got a visit from Clark's sister Mattie on Christmas Eve and helped
Abraham open his present from Aunt Mattie
                                        Clark enjoying his first Christmas with his son.
                                     Mel reading the Christmas Story in Luke Christmas Eve.
                                         Julie with her Christmas P.J.'s
                             Michelle and family winding down for the night.
                            Sweet Macy enjoying Abraham's curious George
                                            Macy, making Christmas exciting for us older folks
                                              Smiles all around.  They like being in California
                                            Julie and I
                                         More Smiles while Mel reads
                                           Christmas morning, after church.  Macy opening our gift
                                        The Varners.  Macy liked unwrapping her presents

     Clark got his boy the Thor Hammer.  So we nicknamed him Abra-Hammer
                                            Pictures with Andrea before she scooted off to work.
                                             Cutie Patooties.
                                             Julie, Andrea, Michelle with Abraham, and Clark
                               Mel's sister and her husband Ron came the day after Christmas
                  The unexpected visit from some of Julie's great friends the day after Christmas
                   ?, Emily Stevens, Lark Smith, Ron Vallejo, Julie, Rachel Hendertilo

Abraham's first visit to California....for Christmas 2011

                                                 Grandma with Abraham
                                                  Julie holding her newest nephew
                                                   Close ups

                                                   Welcome to Grandma and Grandpa's

Julie's Home for Christmas...first stop, L.A. Visitor Center Dec. 15, 2011

      After picking Julie up from LAX for her Christmas break, we stopped by the Los
Angeles Visitors Center, and the L.A. Temple to see the pretty lights and to drop off
a Christmas package for Elder Michael Campbell.  The temple lights are so pretty, and
we took pictures and then Julie got stopped by a few Persian people who were enjoying
the lights and the grounds also.  They asked her if she was a model, and she told them she
was....ha ha.  Then they wanted pictures with her, and they asked if she were Mormon.  She
said that indeed she was, and they told her how much they admired Mormon's and I think they
said they had some relatives that were, and they liked that we didn't drink.  Then they asked her
if she would sing a Christmas song.  She sang _______________________________ while they
recorded her, and then they asked her to sing another song, and then wanted me to sing with her
too.  So, I sang too, while they recorded.  They were so excited to meet someone they thought was
a model and someone who was Mormon, and someone who would sing to them.  Classic evening.


                                               Welcome Home Julie!  Let the festivities begin.

Pump It Up in December, 2011

                                      took Sam and Grace to Pump it Up in Chino
                                                  Grace  and  Sam going down the slide
                                            They had a great time, and used a LOT of energy
                                                      Jarom was a sport, just watching mostly
                                    There were a couple of toys for him to play with
                                           Sam and Grace playing with the air guns
                                               this is the BIG slide. 
                                             We had a great time.

Friday, February 10, 2012

November in Utah. Babies and Thanksgiving

          When I was in Utah during November, waiting on the arrival of little Abraham,
           I went to my sister in law's baby shower, along with all of my nieces and daughter
         and Granddaughter Macy.  This is all of my parent's grandkids, minus 3 of mine.
        Tyler, Melissa and Julie.  =  (          In case you can't tell, this is the goofy shot.
                              Back Row L-R  Alaine, Angie, Ashley, Shannon and Aubrey
                             Front Row L-R  Michelle, Danielle, Amber holding Macy, Jessica
                                holding little Reane
                                               Me, Denise, Angie, Cristina, Mom (Reane)
Michelle due 11-18-2011
Angie due 11-15-2011
                                               Macy---- being her cute self
                                     Michelle, 8 1/2 months pregnant, and Macykins
                                                  Grandma having fun with Macy
     Little Abraham was born on the Day that I was hoping for.  11-11-11  !!!!  How
     cool is that?  Maybe only if you love numbers like I do.  Michelle had a 3 hour
     labor, all natural.  I was pretty amazed at how cool and composed she stayed.  We
both wanted her to go into labor that day, so we pushed on the pressure points, walked
the mall, etc. etc.  And it happened!!!!   Thank you Thank you little Abraham for
making your appearance on this special day.
                                              on his ride home from the hospital
                                                      Sweet Macy
                                                   Trying to have her stay still for a picture.
                                                           she loves her boots
                                                       Grandma and Macy
          My Mom got a great grandson on 11-11-11 and a granddaughter 3 days later
                     My brother Mark and wife Angie's girl (my niece Alexandra) and my
                           sweet little grandson Abraham
               front row l-r --Ashley holding Abraham, Julie holding Alexandra, Mom
               back row l-r--Michelle, Joneel and Mark 
    Thanksgiving at my sister in law's house in Pleasant Grove.  Fun family times with
     wonderful people.  Mel's family was well represented there.  Just missing one sister.
                                    My sister in Law Vicky and her 2 sons and some family
                                             The Men, they watched football, and the woman
                                        poured over the sale adds.  Ha!
                                               It was sure hard to leave this precious little guy