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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Michelle my belle

Julie, Me, Michelle, Mel and Melissa holding Stella

Noelle P, Michelle L, Cindy F and Todd R. Best Buds

Todd R, Cindy F, Michelle L, John B and Noelle P tossing their caps
Well, my Michelle graduated from BYU. It was a wonderful event, but it's been bittersweet
for my Michelle. She has loved her time at BYU and was ready to get away from the cold
but is going to miss her friends immensely. Her last semester was filled with some fun
times and very fun people.

Michelle was very excited to see Elder L. Tom Perry at her convocation, and she stood
in Awe when she got her diploma and got to shake his hand. How I wish the picture I
took wasn't fuzzy. Melissa's too. But if she sends hers to me, and it's decent, I'll post

I am so proud of my kids, Michelle being the most recent, who stuck to it, and got their
degrees. It brings such sweet feelings when I think of their time at BYU, and all the
growing and learning they did while they ventured out on their own for the first time.
(Except Tyler, who had gone on a mission first) Memories of a lifetime!
Just a recap: Thursday, April 24, Commencement was held at the Marriot Center, and
Elder Bednar spoke. My Mother and Sister attended with us. Melissa and Stella had
flown out on Wed. to be there for the graduation. (Thanks so much sweetie)
Friday, April 25, separate college convocations were held. Michelle's was in the Smith
Field House. My Mother and Alaine attended with us. Then we went for a reception
at the old presidents house, and got to talk with Heidi Kuhn, who also graduated in the
education field.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, I am here in Utah awaiting the graduation of my Michelle from BYU. I came up early
so that I could spend every minute with Melissa and Stella, who will be here on Wed morn.
Then Thursday/Friday it will be Michelle's turn to graduate from college. Woo Hoo. What an
accomplishment. I'll post pictures after I get home.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh man, couldn't resist

Just as Tyler, Anna, Grace and Sam were packing up to go, Julie had the cutest idea.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Conference Sunday

Mel and I think we would like to make this a "tradition". Have the kids over and make a
yummy steak dinner and enjoy each other's company. Sounds good to me. Today we
watched the morning session of conference with just Julie, Mel and I and then the
second session, Tyler, Anna, Grace and Sam came over. We haven't had them over
for a while now, because of different illnesses, but we are all well, so we all got
together. Sam is getting bigger and feeling more muscular than squishy. Grace
is still loving dessert (ice cream) better than anything. And the trampoline was
a big hit. Of course I had to get a few trampoline shots. And swing set shots. I
always enjoy watching conference and having family here makes the day even