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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photoshop magic

Melissa, Sterling, Andy, Stella
Anna, Sam, Tyler,Grace

While in Utah, my Mother wanted to get all of her children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren in a family picture.
The last time we had a professional picture taken was when
Tyler came home from his mission. That was back in 2002.
The problem is......Melissa and Andy couldn't make it out for
the picture, and Clark was at school. SO we are hoping that
the photographer can photoshop them in.
I have the picture Melissa sent to me
for the photographer to use, and I have a picture of
Tyler's family that we took on his camera, so you can
get an idea of the look we were after. I figured that
if each family unit wore their own color, it would be
easy to tell who belonged to who. Our color was Navy.
My parents wore white, my older brother's family wore
royal blue, and my sister's family wore purple. My
younger brother's family wore yellow. If they turn
out, I'll post them at a later date. Until then, I've
got my fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bear Lake

Julie and Michelle in front of the Logan Temple

What vacation is complete without shakes and ice cream?

hanging out around the 12 seater table

cowboy SAM

Michelle and Julie on the Sand at Bear Lake

Grace, Sam, Tom and Anna

The kitchen

view from the kitchen into the family room

view from the entryway

the bunk bed room. All the non married girl cousins slept here

Master Bedroom (with bedding stripped) Wish I'd taken
pictures when all the beds were made.

downstairs family room

dining room (another view)

The deck

everyone but Melissa and family, Michelle's hubby Clark, my hubby and Shannon : (
Recently, my extended family had a little gathering at
Bear Lake. We had never been there before, and I've
always heard such good things about it, so we decided
to give it a shot. Last year while on our way to Colter
Bay in the Tetons, we drove past it and thought
it looked beautiful. On the way up we drove
through Logan and had to take a picture in
front of the temple. Then we arrived at the
cabin and we were all very surprised at how
beautiful it was. We got to spend two days at the
lake and rented 2 jet ski's for half a day. Anna's
Father drove from Idaho Falls and got to hang
out with us all. It was a fun time.
It definitely is colder than Lake Powell, but the
accomodations can't be beat.

Stella's second birthday

Stella's first kiss "Nehemiah"

First a disclaimer. Melissa doesn't have internet access
right now, so she asked me to post these pictures for
her. These photo's were taken of Stella's second birthday
party. We had it at Lake Murray (where a very dramatic
event took place which I might mention at a later date)
and Melissa made a totally "awesome" cake. I LOVe
that she has such a creative knack/eye/talent..... etc.
etc. Melissa got a little help from Julie in cutting
up some of the "ocean" designs.
It was SO hot that day. We were afraid of the cake
melting, and sure enough, the cute sculpture of Stella
sagged after a while in the heat. I was just happy to be
there to enjoy the day with Stella. I think I have the
best grandchildren ever.!!!!