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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Pictures

l-r Melissa holding Stella's hand, Andy holding Sterling, michelle, Clark, Mel,
Julie, Joneel, Grace, Anna, Tyler holding Sam

I have been having so much fun having all of my children
in the same state. On Sunday we all were at church
together. I was in Heaven. I love my family and am
so proud of all of them. With everyone spread out across
this great beautiful country, we had to capitalize on
the time we had together, and have some family
photo's taken. Here are two of the group shots.
Possibly more to follow at a later date.

Birthday Time

The lunch bunch..Lindsay, Lorna, Joneel, Shelly and Bonnie
back row---Melissa, Sterling, Michelle, Stella and Julie

cake number 1 compliments of Shelly J.

Beach buddies from WAAAY back

cake 2--compliments of Josey C. (aka Visiting Teacher)

cake 3--Compliments of karen H. (aka visiting teacher)

Well, I turned the big ?0. I can't believe I reached this milestone,
but here I am. And I have to say that I feel like I was treated so
kindly. From party lunches to sweet thoughtful gifts, to phone
calls, cards, cakes and even Facebook Birthday Wishes, I feel
remembered and cared about. Here are some pictures of my
wonderful day. One funny side note. Melissa was going to
make me a beautiful cake, but after getting these 3, she
decided to make it up for Julie's birthday. I swear, it's
either feast or famine around here for cake!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sterling and Michelle
Stella with Mel, Julie, Michelle
Me with Stella
Andy with Stella
Melissa and Stella

Sterling and Mel

Stella hanging on to her Mommy, Melissa
Melissa and Andy and kids came for a visit, and so did michelle and
Clark. Tyler lives here, and so does Julie.....DUH, ha ha, anyway,
we decided to go to the Beach so Andy could have some time
there, since he will be missing Carpinteria. We went to Corona
Del Mar, and went to the side where the waves aren't big, so
Stella could have fun playing. We happened to pick one of
the most crowded days there. And wouldn't you know it,
they were having "baptisms" in this little part of the ocean.
I'm not sure which church it was, but it was a little noisy,
and emotional for some of the people getting baptized.
But, we had a great time anyway, Stella loved the water,
and it made a fun family memory.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Low Quality Family picture from phone

I needed to qualify my title. The only reason why it is low quality
is because i took a picture of a picture, and it's hard to see any
definition in it. BUT, for now it will do. This is the family shot
we took back in July. This is everyone. for now that is. It
seems like family pictures are always changing. Someone
new is always added. But that's what's neat about it. New
babies expanding your posterity. Hope this doesn't BUG
the eyes too bad.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

King of the Hill

fuzzy picture of a picture taken with my cell phone
My Parents have one grandson. It is my son Tyler. Besides my sweet
Holly, who was here on earth for 3 days, he was the first grandchild
they got to know. AND he has been the only grandson.
Just before our family trip to Bear Lake, My mom wanted a family
picture, and I am posting the one with all my parent's granddaughters,
AND grandson. Notice though, there are 2 great granddaughters
and 2 great grandsons. The spell has been broken........bah ha haha ha

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wide Range of emotions

Angie and Mark, YAY

Amber, Jessica, Alaine (in back) Aubrey, Danielle, and little Reane
(Cristina in back also)

The Bridesmaids
Alaine, Julie and Shannon

Mom, Mark and Dad

Clark, Michelle and Julie
My family. Also Mark's daughters and his bio father Tom and
wife Nancy.

Our side of the family that were there at the temple
Amber, Angie, Aubrey (in front) and Ashley

Shannon, Alaine, Mom, Julie and Michelle

Michelle and Clark and Jessican and Amber

Michelle and Clark and Jessican and Amber

my Dad and his sister and her hubby

my mom and her twin sister and her family

cousin Connie and Cousin Steve

So, today (actually yesterday since it's past midnight) was my
brother Mark's wedding. What a wonderful day. Very Very
happy emotions. We were all gathered together in the Salt
Lake temple as a family, witnessing the sealing of Mark, to
Angie Oakes. We had family drive from out of state to
be with us today. It was wonderful. But, we have another
major event happening in our family. My Mother was
diagnosed with ovarian cancer Wednesday, and she will
be flying off to Houston with her twin sister Renae, tomorrow
afternoon. My Mom has an appointment at MD Anderson
cancer center Monday morning. I've heard that it is one of
the top cancer centers in the nation. So our family is going
through happy times, and very worried and scared times. In
fact, it is the hardest thing I've had to deal with, since the
death of my first baby Holly. BUT, we have a ton of support
from family, church friends, etc.
Anyway, here are some pictures from our happy time today.
Mark and Angie, we are so thrilled.
Mom, all of our prayers are with you.