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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Niece Alaine got married today

Justin and Alaine----just married

The happy couple

Kisses for the crowd

all of the people from Alaines side at the temple

cheering them on

Julie, Michelle and Tyler 3 of my 4

Michelle, Clark holding Macy, Julie, Tyler and Joneel

Clark, Macy, Michelle and Julie

l-r Aubrey, Amber, Danielle, Jessica, Julie, Michelle, Shannon
and Ashley
So, today my niece Alaine was married. It was a very special day
for the family. Tyler was able to come up with Mel, and we all
got to be here, except Melissa. Poor Melissa, lives so far away.
After the sealing, we went to the luncheon where we had Cafe'
Rio. YUM, with a capitol Y. Tonight it will just be desserts at
the reception, but that sounds like a perfect ending to a wonderful
day. Julie is a bridesmaid, along with Shannon, Ashley
and Julieann, Alaines half-sister.
Congrats Alaine and Justin

Julie's graduation from High School

at Lucille's before graduation

Sam and Sterling saying their good-byes

Grace and Stella saying their good-byes
A picture taken of Julie getting her diploma from the big
screen at Ontario Citizens Bank Arena
Tyler, Mom, Mel, Michelle holding Macy


Michelle holding Macy, Me and Melissa

front--Tyler, Macy, Michelle, Julie, Reane, Joneel
Back--Mel and Melissa

m--Macy, Michelle, Julie, Reane, Joneel
b--Mel, Melissa

Julie graduated!! She is very happy to be done with high school.
She walked in with Ali and sat next to him and also right on the
end of the row, so we got good pictures of her. At least Melissa
did. I'll add those to the post when I get them from her. She is
the first child to have all her siblings at her graduation. That
was fun for me! She also had her Grandma Stallings there.
We had gone to Lucille's barbecue beforehand. Got some
cute cousin good-bye's there also.

Now it's on to college!

We had to hit the beach at least once!

Sterling and Andy


Stella being buried in the sand.

Sterling thought it was fun to be buried


Macy playing with her Mommy

Macy loved playing with the sand


Michelle, Julie and Macy

Melissa's family looking at the seaweed
One day while Melissa and Michelle were visiting, we thought
it would be fun to go meet Tyler for lunch at the new Cafe'
Rio in Costa Mesa. Since we were so close to Newport
Beach, we decided to go pay a visit. It's always fun to be
at the beach.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Everyone was here!

Macy and Michelle at the little waterpark

Sterling, Stella, Grace and Sam having fun in the water

Sterling and Sam


Michelle with Macy, Melissa holding Sterling, and Stella
before the waterpark

Sterling and Stella loved little Macy

Julie sang at her Senior Talent show

Stella being the little Mommy again. So sweet

Melissa can still have fun on the trampoline!
Andy pushing Sterling on the swing

Stella and Melissa on the trampoline

Stella holding Macy

Stella was looking forward to holding Macy

Stella is going to be such a good Mommy
I had all my children here for a week! I LOVED it. I love
when I can have them all together, the cousins can play
together and get to know each other better. The
added bonus to them all being here right now, was
they got to all go to Julie's high school graduation.
What a treat. I'll post pictures from that later.

Memorial Day fun

Julie, Grace, Jocelyn and Tyler jumping on the trampoline

Jocelyn and Grace. Great friends and cousins

Anna behind the glass, Tyler, Julie, Sam, Ron, Courtney and
Mel relaxing.
Delilah and Colton

Julie, Ron, ReNae and Mel
We had a great Memorial Day spent with family. Great
food, great fun. Lots of relaxation.

Holly's birthday

Today is my oldest child's birthday. For those who don't know
I had a daughter before my son Tyler, who was born prematurely
and lived for 3 days. I'm happy to know that I will have her for
eternity. And I get to raise her during the millenium. Happy
thoughts. So....Happy birthday Holly.