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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Christmas friend photoshoot and artist rendition

 Just before Julie was to head back to BYU-I for Winter semester, she and
her friends Elisa Haas and Jenn Sulcer decided to have a fun little photo
shoot.  After all, they had recorded a song, and needed to have pictures of
the group that sang it.  Elisa and Jimmy were showing off their photography
skills, which proved to be very good.  The top picture is the drawing that a
guy at BYU-I made after seeing Julie at a ward talent show, he looked at
her facebook, and liked her profile pic and asked if he could draw it.  The picture
was only half of her face, but he drew the whole thing.  I really think it
turned out nice.

                                                          Elisa, Julie and Jenn
                                                     The facebook profile picture that the drawing
                                                  was made from.

                                                 Girls just having some fun.


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