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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Julie's time at home before heading back for Winter semester 2012 AND Abraham's blessing in Alpine, UT

   It seems while Julie is home for either the holidays or during the summer, the action
   is non stop.  We have friends coming over all the time.  During Christmas break, Julie
  Elisa and Jenn recorded a song called "Hit the Lights" originally sung by Selena Gomez.
   This is Julie recording her part.
               One of the fun places for the kids to go hang out on, is the trampoline in the
               back yard.  They jump, they lay down and look at the stars and talk, and they've
             eve slept overnight on it.  from L-R  Lark Smith, Julie and Marissa Barnard
                                         Ellie, Julie, Marissa and Jimmy.  Ellie was saying her good-byes
                                      to some new found friends Julie and Marissa.  Jimmy drove the
                                      girls back up to BYU-I for Winter semester.  They left on Monday
                                      Jan. 2 and school started on Jan. 4, 2012
                Our family left for Utah on Dec. 31, 2011 so that we could be at Abraham's
                 blessing on Jan. 1-2012   He was blessed in the Hillside Ward in Alpine.  then
             we hustled over to Mark and Angie's ward to participate in Alexandra's blessing
             in Draper, UT.

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