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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Infinity and beyond

Tonight Michelle, Julie and I went to Disneyland. We are definitely getting the full use
out of our passes. Julie had been invited to go with some friends, so Michelle and I
went also. AND....Michelle wanted to take me on this ride and see who could get more
points. Surprisingly, I did!! But here is a picture of the "take perfect aim" girl, and the
more "laid back" woman. P.S. Notice the score!


Sandy: said...

You should see the competition I have when I go on this ride! David scored over 1.4 million last time and was actually the second highest score for the day (he took a picture of it that I just emailed you!) Young whipper-snapper!!

Cosmo said...

You totally suck at Astro Blasters! Check my blog for my Carrie's marksmanship. She takes all comers (except me). It's not about aim, you's about quantity of shots.

As for 1.4's amazing how many points you can rack up when the ride breaks down while you're in front of a mega points target! Heh.

Brenda said...

Yeah. The boys kicked my hiney on that ride. But I beat my state patrolman brother. Once again, it's all about hitting the lit targets and the ride breaking down at the right spot!